Prime London Property

Whilst you may be lured by the returns quoted in various financial Publications please remember that these do not come without risk. By selecting your own portfolio you acknowledge that you no longer have the capital guarantees that may be provided by the Asset Protection Bond.

The funds and products may invest in assets which can be difficult to sell, and it may be possible that you will suffer delays in selling/cashing in your investment.                           Property is not a liquid investment and the value of property is generally a matter of a valuer's opinion rather than fact.

As safe as Houses !  London Residential Property

One of the major investments we hear about a lot is London Residential Property and It's understandable why so many people are keen to get it in their portfolio. It Looks like a good safe and sound investment that makes a lot of sense and by using a form of syndicated purchase, inside your APB you can buy as little or as much as you like. 

What makes it even more attractive is that you can eliminate all of the hassle and expense involved in buying, owning and selling a property whilst also making any profit and Income absolutely free of Tax, Another major benefit is that there are no reporting requirements so you can also keep your purchase absolutely Private and away from any prying eyes, whoever that may be. It offers more  Privacy than a Trust, it's Internationally recognised in most jurisdictions throughout the world and it's more tax efficient.

Tax Free Growth and Tax Free Income in a legally recognised and Fully Compliant Structure! 

You can also remove all of the following by purchasing using a quality prime London Residential Fund and holding it inside your Asset Protection Bond!


Find It /View it

Survey fees

Legal fees​

Stamp Duty​


Tax Reporting

Council Tax



Agent fees


​Income Tax


Agent Fees

Legal  Fees


C G T (28%)

This self select section has details of actual properties in London that you can own a part of and achieve all of the above with as little as €25,000! You can also diversify your holdings by splitting that down and buying different asset classes such as Gold & Precious metals. 

The Properties shown below are actual properties you will own part of by investing in the Prime London capital Fund. Below the properties is the fund managers outlook for 2015/2016 and a chart showing historical performance.

London is the most cosmopolitan city in the world and it has the most de-regulated property market. Unlike other major cities, New York or Tokyo for example, anyone can invest in property in London and, if they choose, let that real estate investment out. In London there are no rent controls or real estate restricted ownership rules that the property investment individual needs to worry about. That is the good news. The bad news is that, because it is a free market, the world’s wealthy real estate investment moguls are looking for the opportunity to acquire a very limited stock of prime property investment assets in central London real estate. Their strategy means that competition for the best property investment assets is fierce and, like all imperfect markets, not every investor has access to the same information and real estate investing guide.

Much of what is sold is off-market and much is sold so quickly after it is marketed that, unless you are very quick and looking full-time, you will miss it. This is why investing in the best Prime London properties is a full-time job and why many potential investors decide that it makes more sense for them to delegate the real estate investment process to specialists .

For over thirty years, prime London property has outperformed every other major asset including equities, bonds and commercial real estate. The problem has always been how does a small investor get access to the assets and properties that have always been the preserve of the super-rich? 

As an Asset Protection Bond owner you have probably decided that you want more control over your  investments and what you are looking for is something that has a long track record of out performance, a low correlation to equities, can protect you when things get tough and make you money when markets turn. The answer could well be to invest in the best prime London property.

If you are ready to find out the easiest & most efficient  way for you to hold some Prime London Property please get in touch with FTA

Below is the funds 5 year performance for the Prime London Capital Fund along with the Fund Managers comments and Opinions.

London Property

By having an  investment in prime London property you are not only exposed to the London economy but the world economy as it is the worlds' rich who come to London to buy these prize properties and so as they get richer so they want to own in the most sought-after real estate market in the world - prime London. If you want  investments that are invested in the highest quality assets and are managed by an investment manager with a long track record of steady, low volatility performance then you can buy a slice of the best property in the world and know that you can sleep at night.

Prime Central London (“PCL”) property had a quiet year in 2014 due to policy uncertainty, specifically changes to the rates of SDLT and the prospects of higher taxation (“Mansion tax”). We think that the market has over-discounted these risks and that the chances of materially higher taxes , after the May 2015 UK election, on the price bracket £2m-£4m is less than 5%. Rents remain firm.

We forecast that capital values of PCL properties in the £2m and £4m price bracket will rise by 15%-20% in the 18 month period to the end of 2016. The Fund is over 80% invested in this price bracket and so is well positioned to take advantage of this capital growth.

Our view is based on a number of factors: evidence of pent up demand from cash buyers looking to re-invest, collapse in bond yields to historic low levels (normally heralding a rise in PCL capital values), geo-political uncertainty increasing London property asset allocation by global High Net Worth’s , sterling weakness versus US dollar and Swiss franc increasing purchasing power of overseas buyers. Via this Fund investors can own a slice of a diversified, modestly geared AAA Prime London property portfolio for a small initial amount (average investment in the Fund is between $25,000 and $100,000). The historic low volatility and defensive characteristics have always made PCL a favourite of the most wealthy.

London Property