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Not to be confused with a normal Life Insurance contract, the Asset Protection Bond has the capabilities of holding various asset classes in different forms and is not restricted to cash. Although a Private Placement Structure is available for larger sums, you can start to put together a strategy of your own from as little as €25,000.  You can buy into a portfolio of top end London Residential Property and start building up your Gold reserves without any of the hassle normally involved as buying and selling becomes so much simpler.


Private Placement Life Insurance

The APB is a very Private structure and In many Jurisdictions including Cyprus there are no reporting requirements, on top of that there is no tax to be paid on the gains or withdrawals. You can therefore protect your wealth and provide yourself with a tax free Income without any risk of falling foul of the Tax authorities.  No need to try and hide your money in a Swiss Bank account the APB is carries the legality and acceptance of an internationally recognised Contract.

And of course because it is a specially constructed type of life insurance contract you can also nominate beneficiaries, so It works as well as a trust but provides added privacy and tax advantages!

Protection, Privacy, Tax Advantaged, Fully Compliant with Flexibility to adapt to your changing needs

Private Placement Life Insurance

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