Apr 12

QE – Is the Professor Crazy?

Quantitative Easing for the People, not the banks! In a letter to the Financial Times, 19 economists sign a call for the ECB to inject QE money directly into the real economy, either through public spending or cash transfers to citizens. Here is an extract from the letter and the video below explains more: There […]

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Mar 26

GOLD – Where Money Really Comes From

Dinner with Daniel at Mary’s Dinner Club Limassol Enjoy Dinner with Daniel Dungate, Asset Protection Specialist and intrepid explorer. This is not the usual boring financial lecture as Daniel gives a fascinating informal insight into the evolution of Money. A story that takes you back in history to the days of the first money lenders, […]

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Mar 18

HSBC Closes Accounts

HSBC is terminating accounts on Jersey that belong to clients residing in the UK amid tests on their identity and addresses. The action follows pressure on banks to ensure off-shore accounts cannot be used to avoid tax, as a result of a string of high profile cases where it has been claimed the practice has […]

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Mar 16

Tax Advisers Beware!

Lawyers are now chasing Tax Advisers! UK lawyers are calling on those who were advised to invest in disputed Tax Avoidance schemes to join together and bring law suits against their advisers who failed to advise them of the risks of such schemes. The schemes were supposed to have been vetted by the promoters and […]

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Mar 03

Bank Bail in for Austria!

An outside Audit of the Austrian Heta Asset Resolution (Hypo Alpe Adria bank) revealed a gaping capital hole that could amount to € 7.5 billion. and It was only as recent as late February when Austria’s Finance Ministry stated that the bank was in good health! The Austrian Financial market Authority has made it clear […]

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Feb 24

Russian Tax Residency Rules under Review

Russian Tax Residency Rules to Change? The usual method of counting the days spent in Russia may soon become only one way of qualifying as a tax resident if Mr Putin continues with an overhaul of the rules. In line with many other countries around the world , residency for tax purposes strikes if a […]

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Feb 17

Tax Evasion Inquiries by Foreign Governments Soar by 45%

Tax Evasion – No Hiding Place Britain’s tax office has seen a surge in foreign governments making information requests about tax evasion over recent years. The number of requests to HM Revenue & Customs rose by 45% in 2013 to total 2,466, research from international law firm Pinsent Masons revealed. Ukraine had the biggest boost in […]

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Feb 09

HSBC clients found to be Avoiding Tax

​ Banking giant HSBC helped wealthy clients dodge paying millions in tax to UK authorities, the BBC reports. The broadcaster’s Panorama programme said it has seen thousands of accounts from HSBC’s private bank in Switzerland which prove it helped rich clients “cheat the UK” out of millions in taxation. The BBC reports HSBC bankers offered […]

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Jan 31

Vatican Money Laundering

Italian police have arrested a senior Vatican cleric and two other men in connection with an alleged plot to illegally transfer €20 million (CHF24.6 million) of assets from Switzerland to Italy. The Vatican accountant is accused of attempting to move the money along with a member of the Italian secret services and a financial broker, […]

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Jan 30

Deutsche Bank Investigation

Deutsche Bank ‘Enhanced Supervision’The London office of one of Europe’s biggest banks is being investigated by regulators because of serious concerns over the way it is run.​ The London office of Deutsche Bank has been placed under ‘enhanced supervision’ by the Financial Conduct Authority amid concerns about governance and regulatory controls at the bank, according […]

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