Sep 09

Cyprus Tax Laws – Paradise Found?

Inevitably, any such paradise that attracts so many decent people will also mean that greed and corruption would find its way in, and in Cyprus this caused devastation that fell only a little short of absolute destruction.

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Sep 02

Offshore Accounts – Is This Legal?

Offshore Bank Accounts An offshore bank account is good for holding cash for many reasons, including Privacy, Flexibility and to a degree Safety. For the majority of ‘Offshore’ account holders they are a completely legitimate way of managing their own affairs with a high degree of privacy.The fact that many depositors considered them ‘Tax Efficient’ by […]

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Jul 21

More Cyprus Tax Benefits

The Republic of Cyprus gets a Further Boost Once again Cyprus has kept its promise to international investors and introduced on the 9th of July 2015 amendments to its tax legislation making the jurisdiction as attractive as never before. The purpose of these amendments is to clearly establish Cyprus as the leading tax jurisdiction in […]

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Jun 23

HMRC tax evasion raids increase

The UK government are getting very serious about dealing with those who seek to Evade taxes.   ​In 2013, the Government set the Revenue a target to secure 1165 criminal prosecutions in 2014/15 up from 165 in 2010/11.  A massive increase that is apparently receiving a lot of effort and prosecutions are on the rise.​According to […]

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Jun 17

Legalizing Bail Ins

The European Commission has ordered Eleven EU countries to enact the Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive (BRRD) within two months or be hauled before the EU Court of Justice, according to a report from Reuters on Friday. The countries were Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, France and Italy. […]

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Jun 12

Why is Russia Buying Gold?

Russia Places it’s Bets?​ “Gold was not selected arbitrarily by governments to be the monetary standard. Gold had developed for many centuries on the free market as the best money; as the commodity providing the most stable and desirable monetary medium.”                             […]

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Jun 11

Tax Evasion – What the Banks Didn’t Tell!

Nonsense Banking!By Mark V O’Shea   Cert PFS, TEPBanks are handing over millions to various governments to ‘tidy up’ investigations into their involvement in ‘encouraging’ individuals to open deposit accounts in locations where no tax would be due.The problem is that although there was no tax due in the country where the account was held, the […]

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Jun 10

What’s Russia Doing with Its currency?

Russia goes for GoldBy Daniel Dungate I have suggested previously that we are going to start seeing a lot more entities/investors convert their phony fiat currency into physical gold and silver. In a news report that is being predictably ignored by western financial media, Russia announced last week that it will take its gold reserves […]

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