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Why You Cannot Walk Away from the Asset Protection Bond

Putting it simply, because it does a whole lot more than anything else available out there, and it does it in a fully compliant way.

No worries about Privacy, Security, Bail Ins or Governments helping themselves! It can replace a trust or be used to add substance to an existing one and is often described as taking the best of Swiss Private Banking and merging it with the Legal benefits of a life Insurance Contract.

High-net-worth individuals who are in search of a wide range of investment possibilities and asset preservation, have distinct needs and expectations. These can usually be broken down into five categories:



INVESTMENT FLEXIBILITY       They perhaps wish to integrate a wide range of assets into their life insurance policy 

ESTATE PLANNING  an efficient way of transferring their wealth to the next generation….


PRIVACYLike the majority of wealthy clients, they will be looking for privacy when it comes to their assets and financial affairs. This legitimate need can be fulfilled with an Asset Protection Bond.

GUARANTEED CONTINUITY is another major advantage of the Asset Protection Bond as there is an ongoing need for continued relationships with the financial advisers and institutions they already know and trust. 

In the light of recent legislation, there are now numerous publications directed at the beneficial owners of ‘offshore’ structures telling them they must review their current arrangements.

When it comes to Asset Protection with tax efficiency

FTA have the fully compliant solution that offers full continuity by integrating with current arrangements.


Features of the Private Placement Life Insurance Asset Protection Bond