Can be Achieved using a Properly Constructed Life Insurance Contract 

FTA Insurance Consultants are one of a very small number of Specialists throughout the World that can advise on the merits of  Individually Structured Life Insurance Contracts.  

Asset Protection Isn't Just about Safety From Creditors.

Privacy is being Eroded with Every day that passes, and with added Publicity Comes a Greater Degree of Personal  Risk.

Bank Failure, Taxation and Government Intervention have All Proven Very Costly in the Past, and the Future Looks Even More Daunting as Governments Continue  Increasing National Debt to Critical Levels.

Offshore Structures such as Trusts are Rapidly becoming Obsolete as Tax Planning Vehicles and Beneficial Owner Details will be Publicly Available in the Near Future.

  FTA Can Guarantee your Privacy and Protect Your Assets whilst Minimizing Onerous Reporting Requirements.

You Will Achieve this on a Fully Compliant,Tax Advantageous Basis.


 The Threats to You are Real and The Safest Time to Act is Now.

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FTA Solutions is a trading name of FTA Insurance Consultants who are authorised by the Insurance Companies Control Service in Cyprus - registration number FOS190. We work in Association With Your Existing Professional Advisers to allow Continuity of Advice and  Ensure that Trusted Business Relationships are maintained. Our business relationships are with, Lawyers, Accountants, Trustees, Portfolio Managers, and others. Professional Advisers should Contact  FTA Directly  for Further Information.

What Hasn't Already Been Cast in Stone is About to Be

Banking Threats

Worldwide legislation in Place to Guarantee future Bail Ins

High Publicity 

Europe Calls for an Open Public register of Company Shareholders

Tax Attacks

Russia Introduces CFC Law & Trusts become Tax Transparent

The proposed Public Registers of Beneficial Owners of Companies, Foundations, Trusts or any other offshore Structure is a dangerous infringement on the Right to maintain Privacy and Confidentiality.

Not many people would want their business or assets to be public and In some countries it will be like handing kidnappers a hit list! 

FTA Provide

Protection, Privacy & Tax Optimization

 Fully Compliant Internationally Recognised Legal Contract

Mark V. O'Shea Cert PFS, TEP

FT Alternative Solutions

Take the Best of Swiss Private Banking, merge it with the legal benefits and Tax Advantages of a properly constructed International Insurance Contract then Cover it with the Privacy and Protection provided by Luxembourg..

You now have the Ferrari of wealth management tools known as  'Private Banking Insurance'  or  'PPLI'.








Mitigates CFC Tax and In Cyprus Both the Growth and Withdrawals are Tax Free

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Edward A. Renn
Withers Bergman

For over two decades, one of the best-kept Secrets in Tax Planning has been Private Placement Life Insurance

Amongst Those that can Benefit from the Use of PPLI are


  •  Substance & Simplify Reporting


  • Protect Cash and Provident funds


  • Personalise profits to Provide Tax Free Income


  • Protect All Assets & add Privacy
Sergei Zhestkov
Baker & McKenzie  Moscow

Private Placement Life Assurance provides an exceptionally high level of investor protection, has tax-favoured status and offers investor confidentiality according to Luxembourg law.

PPLI - The Thoroughbred Race Horse!

asset Protection

Alan R. Eber J.D., LL.M

Mr. Eber is a pioneer in the asset protection field, an author and highly sought after speaker on estate and wealth planning and protection. He taught his first 8 hour asset protection class for legal and accounting professionals in 1994, and has since taught over 125 such programs for professional groups around the country and internationally.   Mr. Eber received his Juris Doctorate from the State University of New York, his Master of Law in Taxation (LL.M.) from New York University and studied International Law at the University of Brussels.

Dan Judge www.International -Adviser.com

"PPLI has become an established wealth planning solution in many parts of the world, including Asia and the Middle East, since originating in the USA over a decade ago. 

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